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Album Review: Colours - Alive & Well EP

The sound on Colours' debut EP, 'Alive & Well', very much defies the bands infancy. Playing a brand of pop-rock that is continually growing in popularity, the duo from Dallas, Texas, sound as if they have been plying their trade for years. 'Alive & Well' is polished, poppy and ever-so sickly sweet, but it demonstrates Colours' musicianship and ear for a catchy hook. Booked for a substantial tour of their homeland in March and April, they are sure to become a more prominent name in 2010.

If opening track 'Camera Click' doesn't have you singing, 'I'm a mess yeah, I'm a mess', at the most inopportune moments, then I doubt pop melodies will ever have any effect on you. Falling somewhere between the poppier elements of The Starting Line and the punkier side of All Time Low, 'Camera Click' is an OC soundtrack waiting to happen. The steady, almost dancelike backbeat, adds to the overall catchiness of the track, and the wonderfully understated synth further enhances the track as a whole. The chorus is simple, yet effective, and vocals pitch perfect.

There's very little departure in sound for next track 'Colorful', it's just as sweet, and polished, but it works. The synth is more evident on this track, yet it doesn't sound contrived or out of place. Just as perfect as the opening track, the lack of variance would be a concern, were it not for third track 'Better Weather'. Much slower in tempo, and a big contrast to what has come before, the instrumentation sounds almost acoustic. The dual voices create a sense of atmosphere in the way they are layered, and although not as hook-laden, 'Better Weather' certainly makes for a more interesting listen.

It's back to the familiar formula for 'Change is Good'. The up tempo backbeat reappears,as does the full instrumentation. However, the song leans heavily towards 'Based on a true story' era Starting Line, particularly during the chorus where a near-perfect Vasoli impersonation takes place. Closer, 'You got lucky', is the standout track on the EP. The track features well-placed keys, a jumping rhythm and features a stupidly catchy chorus. It is the track on 'Alive & Well' that passes closest to the commercial pop-punk tag.

Love-struck lyrics and melody aplenty, Colours were never meant to appeal to the musical elitist. There's nothing particularly original about them either, but what they do they do well, and if you are sucker for a sweet hook then this one is for you.


'Alive & Well EP' by Colours is released on February 2nd.

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