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Album Review: John Candy - Conversations

With John Candy, Ant West and George Lindsay show the ability to step out of their pop-punk origins, as 'Conversations' is a sombre, mature indie-pop record.

The former Tonight Is Goodbye, and now Futures pair, from start to finish provide a somewhat charming record, with tracks such as 'Conversations' and 'Like Rivers' sounding breezy and delicate. It is also clear who are the bands influences, the guitars on 'When I Was Younger' and 'Confession Boothes' could easily be mistaken for Death Cab For Cutie.

Whilst the piano melody on 'This Chair' eerily sounds like Brand New's 'Fork and Knife'. However the bands use of piano, adds a slight hint of variation and depth, as also seen in 'January 1st'.

Although it is not a record that is instantly satisfying, it is one that shows potential, variation and is eventually enjoyable. John Candy may not be their regular day job, but Ant West and George Lindsay show here they are quite capable of stepping out of their comfort zone and are strong songwriters and musicians.


'Conversations' by John Candy is released on All Aboard Records on February 8th.

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