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Album Review: Sound We Sleep - Keeping Secrets

You would be forgiven for thinking that Sound We Sleep are just another small time band. The group’s Myspace page still advertises that they are available to play high school proms and birthday parties in their native Florida and their tour schedule is empty but for one date. But if a quick scan of their Myspace questioned the band’s credentials, then a listen to debut album ‘Keeping Secrets’ puts any doubts firmly to rest.

The 5-piece, made up of singer Dave DelVecchio, Terrence Donnelly and Anthony Petralia on guitars, Josh Imel on Bass and Dan Garbauskas on drums, make a brand of melody driven but gritty rock that brought bands like Saosin and Emarosa exploding onto the scene.

The album kicks off at a frenzied pace with ‘A Life Apart’ automatically grabbing us by the scruff of the neck with driving guitars and a powerful chorus, while ‘Keeping Secrets’ is the most memorable track by far, showing a distinguished and mature sound well deserving of its role as title track. ‘More To This’ is slightly less intense but shows a range in DelVecchio’s voice that many modern front men simply do not have and gives some variety to the record.

The band are far from the finished article, with ‘Jacqueline’ disappointingly slow and largely forgettable. A token ballad seems standard for rock bands in the modern age and Sound We Sleep continue the trend but can’t really find the right formula with ‘Facing Myself’ which is unoriginal and fails to show the vocal talent that DelVecchio possesses.

‘She Was Disarming’ is slickly crafted with flowing lyrics and edgy guitars whilst closing number ‘Deception’ is a fitting way to end, with a commanding rhythm and crescendo that slams the album’s door firmly shut.

Sound We Sleep are anything but groundbreaking but pack a powerful punch and have a personality that many bands lack. Things may be slow for the Americans as of now, but ‘Keeping Secrets’ is for the most part a well written and impressive debut and should see them emerge as a band to be reckoned with in 2010.


'Keeping Secrets' by Sound We Sleep is available now on Red Blue Records.

Liam McGarry

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