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Hey Vampires Announce Split and EP Offer

Hey Vampires have announced they are to split up and are offering their EP, 'Problems, Solve Yourself' for £1 through Two Tick Records here.

Message from the band:

"it is with heavy heart that i write this post. we're going to be taking a break for the forseeable future, mainly because i have got some shit to sort in my life and it's not fair on the band or our fans when i bring these problems with me. we may be back in the future and you'll still see us all about glasgow. ross is getting to move about a bit more playing bass for the whisky works, ryan is becoming glasgow's punk-rock interviewer of choice and orr is thinking about hitting the drums again with ex-das filth members. i'll be taking it easy.

see you all about and have a good new year!"

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