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Single Review: Portia Conn - I Don't Care

Throughout 2009 LAB Records grew in status and their roster. One of the their new signings was 17-year-old singer/songwriter Portia Conn, who despite only ever playing 3 shows, manage to bag a deal with both LAB and US label, Tragic Hero.

With a EP set for a summer release, Portia teases us with her debut single, 'I Don't Care' next month and before you ask, it is not a Fall Out Boy cover. Instead we are thankfully given a sweet slice of youthful, acoustic pop, that manages to show Portia's mature songwriting talent with a hint tenderness and escapism, which is something that Conn yearns for through her voice. This is all backed up, by a striped down, up-beat acoustic guitar and drum beat, that gives plenty of space for Portia's words and voice to take center stage.

B-side 'Sandwich Shop' is somewhat atmospheric and intense, as Portia's heartbroken voice draws you in with a delicate hand and a slight British-tongue, that thankfully avoids going down the Kate Nash/Lily Allen route, as Conn shows her individuality.

Although this single is a good introduction to Portia as a singer/songwriter, it hints there could be a lack of depth and variation with her future releases. However I hope to be proven wrong, as she has the talent and sensibility to make a name for herself, rather then be labelled as just another singer/songwriter.


'I Don't Care' by Portia Conn is released through LAB Records on February 2nd.

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