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Single Review Round-Up: Francesqa, Twin Atlantic & Young Guns

This Single Review Round-Up includes new singles from Francesqa, Twin Atlantic & Young Guns.

Francesqa - A Little Closer
Limited Edition single on Pandy Cane

Francesqa's debut single was one of my personal favourites from our '2009 Autumn/Winter' Compilation, which is now being released as a limited edition single, as part of their 'Singles Club'. The single itself as 4 minutes of superb guitar powerpop, with an insanely catchy chorus that will have you wanting to play over and over again.

The 2 b-sides included on this release are an slow, acoustic track called 'Boy', which showcases brilliant lead vocals, whilst a remix of 'A Little Closer' by For The Common Wealth, brings an intriguing yet acceptable twist on the track.

Francesqa on MySpace.


Twin Atlantic - Lightspeed
Released on March 1st on Red Bull Records

One of the highlights from Twin Atlantic's mini-album 'Vivarium', is given the re-release treatment. Sam McTrusty's Scottish tongue combined with storming guitars and interesting drums, make for an enjoyable single that is instant with a chorus that is memorable.


Twin Atlantic on MySpace
Official Website

Young Guns - Winter Kiss
Available now as a free download

After releasing the 'Mirrors' EP last June, Young Guns have gone from strength to strength with various tours and a few festival appearences. 'Winter Kiss' sees the band blending strong vocal melodies with a hint of drama lyrically and musically. On the whole the band have added depth and variation, which is a step in the right direction.


Download 'Winter Kiss' here.

Sean Reid

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