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Album Review: Bastions - Kingdom of Dogs EP

Welsh hardcore quartet Bastions, are kicking up a slight fuss at the moment and it's clear to see why after sampling EP 'Kingdom of Dogs'. Imagine Gallows, but far rougher around the edges and with a more metal edge. Bastions brand is a furious, explosive hardcore that is sure to see them gain more attention as we progress through 2010.

Opener 'Crooked Hands' is a brutal beginning, grabbing us by the throat and dragging us from tranquillity to carnage before you have a chance to breathe. 'Misery King' is very reminiscent of Frank Carter and Co, with an ending that can only be described as violently anthemic. Nausea shows the band's scope, with a rhythm and change of pace that packs a Mike Tyson esque punch.

'Sea of Teeth/Bleak Eyes' is just as powerful, and holds just as much angst but by this point in proceedings front man Jamie McDonald's voice does begin to have the "woodpecker on the side of the head" feel to it. It's not for lack of effort, but by track six the lack of range and sheer brutishness begins to become tiresome.

Closing instrumental 'Heir of the Dog' is the sort of track that those occupying the pit at live shows will long for, a sort of comedown aid after your mosh fix if you will.

'Kingdom of Dogs' is certainly impressive. It is slightly repetitive in places, but this is easily made up for by the pure ferociousness of what's on offer. It's not for your grandma that's for sure, but that just might be what makes it so good.


'Kingdom of Dogs EP' by Bastions is available now through the bands online store.

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