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Album Review: Boys With Xray Eyes - Oh My! How We Terrify EP

South Wales 5-piece Boys With Xray Eyes bring their brand dirty rock sound and mix it with crushing guitar riffs on their 2nd EP 'Oh My! How We Terrify'. From the start ('Hot Rod') an energetic, complex structure is introduced, complimenting Ben Morgan soaring screams and shouts.

Whereas 'Electro The Human Lightning Bolt' is more chaotic and edgy, even though Krisitan Richards melodic vocals bring things down and a sense of normality. Whilst 'Great Thunder' is messy yet acceptable, with the bands fierce hardcore style mixed with Richards' vocals working superbly here.

'The Weatherman' could be easily mistaken for Glassjaw, especially in the verse. Although the hand claps used in the chorus, could of done without. 'Sickest Bar In Town' speeds past at a furious pace, with a mixture of crunching and winding guitars. On top of that the stand out line of "You're not on fire tonight", quickly becomes etched in. 'Oh My! How We Terrify' closes the EP and is more of the same, addictive hardcore that the band have somewhat perfected well. It may sound scrappy and rough round the edges, but that's fine. As it is a track that jumps all over the place, from piercing screams to delicate vocal harmonies, with crazy guitars in the background.

On the whole 'Oh My! How We Terrify EP' shows a band with youthful energy and passion for what they do. Although at times they sound like their American counterparts, with one comparison being Every Time I Die, who quickly coming to mind. However the structural ideas, though at times complicated, show originality.


'Oh My! How We Terrify EP' by Boys With Xray Eyes is released on March 22nd through the bands online store.

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Sean Reid

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