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Album Review: Communipaw - Communipaw

Formed in July 2007, Communipaw are a band that draws influences from genres such as Indie/Rock whilst also drawing influences from an Alternative/Country scene.

Their self-titled debut release starts off well enough with ‘The Morning Hours’ and continues in the same vein with ‘Take Over’ both songs offering a relaxing mood, the sort of thing you’d listen to while trying to sleep. The quality is picked up with the fourth song ‘Keep Your Eyes On Me’ a fairly short track that gets to the point immediately, featuring handclaps and a ridiculously good tune.

It’s a shame that I can’t say that the record doesn’t maintain the quality throughout. As soon as ‘2.23’ hit, I felt quite bored and wanting the track to be over as soon as possible. ‘Canada’ offers another slightly above average song, but it leads into the absolutely pointless ‘Teac’ a minute and a half interlude that repeats a riff relentlessly and does not in any way enhance the next song.

The record goes from here and becomes more forgettable, ‘Heaven Who You’ is just dull and while ‘Baulzhauf’ begins in a promising fashion it doesn’t maintain any sort of quality. Record closer ‘On The Way’ is a decent ending song that finishes with around two and a half minutes of instrumental, which unlike ‘Teac’ builds into a crescendo of sound, it’s interesting and atmospheric and certainly something to be proud of.

The problem with this record is that it’s too generic, you will have heard all of this before, and done much better too, there are good songs admittedly, but they’re heavily outweighed by songs that simply are just below par. People who are fans of this genre will most probably like it more than me, but I won’t be in a hurry to pick this up any time soon.


Chris Marshman

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