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Album Review: Futures - The Holiday

Futures manage to exceed expectations with this debut release, 'The Holiday' a seven song pop-rock mini-album that hits all the right notes from start to finish. Massive hooks with equally as good choruses is the formula used by the ex-Tonight is Goodbye guys. Opening track '16' perfectly shows this, filled with adrenaline driven guitars, basslines and a chorus that soars.

'Take Me Home' and 'Sal Paradise' quickly keep up the momentum. By the time you get lead-off single, 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' you have reached the peak of the record, with its instant chorus that is so fucking catchy, you can't help but love it.

From there on in, you pretty much know what you're expecting but there's nothing to complain; 'Holiday' thrives on the bands upbeat energy. Whilst 'The Summer' is more laid back with a punching chorus and 'Thank You' brings this pop-rock 101 tutorial to a nice, well-rounded ending.

Musically the band don't over do it on the pop-side, and manage to keep it fairly rocky throughout, as they have found the right balance and structure between the two. It can't be argued that surely 'The Holiday' can open up doors for Futures, as its consistency and energy is highly enjoyable, which does anything but then alienate itself.


'The Holiday' by Futures is released digitally for free on March 1st and is physically released with this month's issue of Rock Sound magazine, which is available from March 3rd.

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