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Album Review: Jimmie Deeghan - Pretty Miserable

Like many other before him, Mr. Jimmie Deeghan has decided to step out and release a solo record. Whilst his full-time job as Every Avenue's guitarist is a more pop-rock orientated, this 5-track EP sees Deeghan showcasing a slight laid-back alt rock tone and intertwining it with Dashboard Confessional-esq lyrics.

Opener 'Like A Map' has a upbeat approach with a slight country tone. Like this EP overall, its short and sweet yet enjoyable. 'Maybe It's Love' and 'I Won't Be Here' follow and won't disappoint EA fans, but for those who see the latter as following the standard pop-rock blueprint, will be surprised that Deeghan can write interesting songs, that keep their pop sensibility and combine it with a slight sense of maturity. Although the latter track ('I Won't Be Here') does go into soppy, ballad territory.

'Prove Me Wrong' has a subtle, sombre tone that allows Deeghan's lyrics to breathe to create a passionate yet sweet number. Closing track 'The Strangest Places' sees Deeghan at his most open (and dare I say it most "emo"), with its high-pitched delivery, slow-burning pace that gently sways below his heartbroken words. It may all sound soppy and to some dated, but nevertheless 'Pretty Miserable' manages to surprise and definitely shows Deeghan has the capability to make it out on his own; if he wanted to.


'Pretty Miserable' by Jimmie Deeghan is released next week.

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Sean Reid

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