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Album Review: Lost On Campus - In Pursuit Of Courage & Heart

Rob Lynch aka Lost On Campus shows he can definitely write upbeat yet heartfelt songs on new EP, 'In Pursuit Of Courage & Heart'. Over the course of 16 minutes here, Lynch provides a soundtrack filled with passion and pop sensibilities, that are pleasing on the ear.

Tracks like 'Open Sesame', 'Coastlines' and 'I'm A Dreamer Baby!' are bouncy with stripped instrumentation, with the latter being one of those songs you can't help start singing along too. Similarly 'Coastlines' is built around the "ba-da-da" chorus section. Both are enjoyable to listen to.

'Whisky' is reminiscent of Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Lynch's confident voice backed by subtle keys, light percussion and steady guitar strumming, that is complimented by nice sliding guitar notes.

In contrast, closing track 'The Party Never Dies' is somewhat cold with its eerie vocal delivery, twinkling guitar and slow build-up. Add to that an electronic/keyboard section and you are left with a track that has depth and stands out from the rest.

Overall 'In Pursuit Of Courage & Heart' is a nice, sweet little EP that is just enjoyable to listen to and ideal for the coming summer months. Rob (or Lost On Campus) has surely taken one step further towards greater things.


'In Pursuit Of Courage & Heart' by Lost On Campus is released on March 15th on LAB Records.

Pre-order 'In Pursuit Of Courage & Heart' here.

Lost On Campus on MySpace.

Sean Reid

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