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Album Review: Sub Verso - Within The Hour

Connecticut four-piece Sub Verso's EP 'Within The Hour' is a mess, but don't let that fool you into thinking that it's a bad record. The short four-track offering is impressive in parts but disappointing in others. An inconsistency which makes the whole affair very difficult to judge.

A somewhat pointless intro is followed by 'Giving It All'. The chirpy opening promises much, with a rhythm that is maintained throughout the song. The vocals however are an issue. Confusingly some notes are hit well, whilst others miss completely, upsetting when you consider the quality of the track overall.

'Counting Electrical Storms' is a slow starter, but after three dawdling minutes the song picks up pace and becomes interesting, a solid mix of indie and rock reminiscent of Bloc Party in places.

Title track 'Within The Hour' sums the band up perfectly, with a definite appreciation of rhythm that allows the song to accelerate all the way through to an vastly impressive crescendo. Again what lets the song down is the weak vocals, which somehow manage to seem like an annoying distraction, rather than a driving force in the song.

Sub Verso's best quality is their originality, something extremely refreshing in an age which offers little that isn't regurgitated and cliched. However, without a voice that can genuinely drive the band forward, they may find they aren't able to progress to a level to really show the world how impressive they really are.


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