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Album Review: To Kill A Monster - Bears Fight Bears

To Kill A Monster are an Alternative Rock/Indie band from Ohio, USA who claim to be just four guys doing what they love, making music. Judging from their opening track ‘Blood of 1000 Orcs’ they same to be able to do that quite well. It’s a fairly good opener, it’s energetic and has a decent tune and a good solo, the production values are a bit flat, but otherwise it’s an optimistic start to the EP.

Unfortunately it’s let down almost straight away, ‘Sexy Girl’ is a pretty poor song with the verses lacking any sort of coherence and the lyrics are quite embarrassing. ‘Bring It Away’ improves on this slightly but it would have been hard to make it worse, the song is quite repetitive and as a result is a bit boring.

The problem with ‘Bears Fight Bears’ is that nothing really stands out, next track ‘Beautiful’ again suffers from poor Production with the vocals being way too quiet in the beginning, it’s another bland song, there’s nothing really wrong with it, but there’s nothing there to make me stand up and take notice.

‘Skip Off’ suffers the same fate, it’s boring and much like this review is repetitive, it’s only when final track ’10 Seconds Until The Thumbtack At’ kicks in do you think that maybe this band have something to offer after all, it’s an improvement on the EP overall with a decent chorus, it matches the standard set by the opening song, maybe even slightly bettering it.

Overall ‘Bears Fight Bears’ is a pretty disappointing release, it’s not memorable in the slightest with the good songs being massively outweighed by the bad ones. It’s a good thing that these guys are doing this just for fun because based on this release I doubt To Kill A Monster will be making any new waves in the future.


'Bears Fight Bears' by To Kill A Monster is available now.

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Chris Marshman

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