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I Fight Dragons Sign To Photo Finish Records

I Fight Dragons have announced that they have signed to Photo Finish Records. A statement from the band, as well as a live performance of 'Heads Up Hearts Down' can be seen by clicking read more.

So, as of today, February 4, 2010, we are officially announcing that I Fight Dragons is joining the Photo Finish / Atlantic Records roster.

Now some of you may know how big a deal this is, but some may not. So just what does this mean?

Well for one, "Heads Up, Hearts Down" is currently #5 on Denver's top Alternative Rock station, 93.3. Atlantic's awesome radio team will start to take it to stations all across the nation in the next few weeks, and before you know it, you might start to hear Chiptune-Rock on your radio dial. Nutso, right?

Another difference is that we're going to record and release our debut full-length album with Photo Finish / Atlantic. It will be available in retail stores across the nation, and the new singles will also be taken to radio by their intrepid team. To top it off, they are giving us huge amounts of creative control, and we are incredibly excited about the album.

The final, partially related, HUGE piece of news is that we'll be headed out on tour this spring with our fellow Atlantic Records bands 3OH!3 (Photo Finish), Cobra Starship (Fueled by Ramen), and Travis McCoy (of Gym Class Heroes, on Fueled by Ramen). The tour is called the MTV "Too Fast For Love" tour, and the schedule is up on our site: We are going to be playing some huge rock shows!! - Brian

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