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Jack's Mannequin Glass Passenger iTunes Release

Jack's Mannequin are set to release an iTunes-exclusive deluxe edition of their last album, 'The Glass Passenger', on March 16th.

The iTunes exclusive download also comes with, In Valleys EP, The Ghost Overground albums, exclusive footage from the band's Fall 2009 Acoustic tour, and ten, never-before-heard, live tracks.

Track listing can be viewed by clicking read more.

1 Crashin’
2 Spinning
3 Swim
4 American Love
5 What Gets You Off
6 Suicide Blonde
7 Annie Use Your Telescope
8 Bloodshot
9 Drop Out - The So Unknown
10 Hammers And Strings (A Lullaby)
11 The Resolution
12 Orphans
13 Caves
14 Miss California
15 Holiday From Real (Live from SIR)
16 Kill The Messenger (Live from Rock Xentral)
17 Cell Phone
18 Sleazy Wednesday
19 At Full Speed
20 Into The Airwaves (Live from Orlando)
21 Crashin’ (Live from Omaha)
22 Annie Use Your Telescope (Live from St. Louis)
23 I’m Ready (Live from New York City)
24 Last Straw, AZ (Live from Orlando)
25 Hammers And Strings (Live from Austin)
26 Dark Blue (Live from Del Ray Beach)
27 Kill The Messenger (Live from Idaho Falls)
28 The Resolution (Live from Boston)
29 La La Lie (Live from Del Ray Beach)
30 Behind The Scenes with Jack’s Mannequin (Video)

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