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Set Your Goals To Announce Spring US Tour And Plan On Entering The Studio By Winter

In a recent interview, Matt Wilson of Set Your Goals announced that the band will announcing a US headlining tour from April 16th to May 16th. He also stated that the band hopes to enter the studio this coming Winter.

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15. Well, I think that’s all, is there anything else you would like to add?
Matt: Follow us on Twitter, It’ll have updates on our headlining tour in the spring, I forgot to mention that.
Dan: Oh yeah.
Matt: We’re going to announce that in two weeks. We’ll have updates on that on Twitter. We’ll post information on tickets and stuff.
POZ: When will that tour be around? In May?
Matt: It’s uh, April 16th to May 16th.


11. The first half of 2010 is more or less all planed out for the band, but what should we expect after summer ends?
Matt: Hopefully some writing. We’ve been writing a little bit and hopefully we’ll get in the studio around winter. And we can start working on our new album.
POZ: So new album maybe early next year?
Dan: Quite possibly. It definitely will not be three years. It will definitely not take as long as This Will Be took.
Matt: I mean, by the time we get into the studio it will have already been a year; it’ll be a good time.

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