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We Are The Ocean Update

An update from our Band of the Month, We Are The Ocean can be viewed by clicking read more.

The band have also posted a b-side and the title track from their new album, 'Cutting Our Teeth' here.

"This week we have some down time, which we should be using to practise for our tour that starts next week but we haven’t yet…
I went to 2 shows this weekend, the Kerrang! Tour at the Roundhouse and You Me At Six at The Garage.
I had literally the worst journey ever on Saturday heading to the K! show. A journey which would usually take me an hour took me just over 4. I wasn’t pleased as it meant missing Young Guns and half of The Blackout, who were the 2 bands i went to check out. However, the half of TBO that i did see confirmed something i was already pretty sure about, they are unstoppable live!
Massive show. They definitely upped their game and sorry All Time Low fans, but they were no match.
The YMAS show on Monday was an intimate show at The Garage. Now we used to tour with these guys back when we both started out and its crazy to see how much they’ve achieved now. Back when i saw them at Wembley with Fall Out Boy and Reading Festival it was so weird for me to see them in front of such a big audience, and now, i watch them at The Garage, and find it odd that they’re in such a small room. Times change, bands get big, still awesome humans though.

Yesterday me and Liam started jamming some new songs (potentially for album #2?? who knows..) One sounds like The Kooks, another sounded like Queens Of The Stone Age. We must be in a weird place right now.

One more day off lounging around at home with my dog and my xbox and then we’re all go again.
Some press in London on Friday followed by all night rehearsals for tour (about time..)
I’m really looking forward to our Banquet in-store on Saturday. Our first gig since the release of Cutting Our Teeth, i can’t wait for kids to go nuts to some of those songs. So take note if you’re coming, you best be off the chain!!
That goes for anyone at the Lostprophets shows next week too. Dirty dancing please.


Oh i almost forgot, we put up a b-side to Look Alive on our purevolume page (
It’s title track to our album, and was orginially scheduled to be on the album until it got voted off! Have a listen anyways, and you can download it from iTunes now."

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