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Your Demise Held At Gunpoint on Canadian Border

Your Demise guitarist Stu Paice has blogged about a recent incident, in which the band got involved with local police on the Canadian border. The band was stopped, searched and held at gun point by the authorities.

Your Demise are currently on the US Atticus Metal tour with Unearth, Stick To Your Guns, The Ghost Inside, Veil Of Maya and Carnifex. They will be back in the UK from march 9th to the 15th, as support for A Day To Remember's UK tour with Architects.

Paice's blog post can be viewed by clicking read more
"As we headed our back into America from Canada, we decided to head to Tim Horton’s for the last time before we entered the states.

Shortly after leaving, everyone was full of bagels and coffee, drifting of to sleep, our rest was interrupted by the sound of 3 Canadian Police Cars. Sirens blasting, we pulled over completely baffled as to why we were being stopped as we had done nothing wrong.

So we stopped at the side of the free-way to the sound of, ‘Driver, get out of the car now’, at this point we had no clue what was going on. So Danny gets out and they tell him to stick his hands up and turn around, walk toward the car, we then saw a Policeman stick a gun in Danny’s back and drag him to the car, handcuff him and put him the back of the Police car. So now mental stuff was going through our heads. Next they shouted for the passenger (Pumpjack) to get out, Same thing, GUN, HANDCUFFS, CAR BONNET!.

We started to giggle nervously and heard, ‘All of you , Get out’, so we got out and we were told to put our hands in the air and get down on our knees, the whole time, we were held at gunpoint by 2 Scumbags.

So we get out in the freezing snow, on the ground and the cop starts to search the van, I mean it was like 24 Jack Bauer shit.

It soon became clear that they had the wrong people and found it to be a bit of a misunderstanding. So it turns out the car in front of us, the driver had just shot someone, and we had basically just missed it happen. The Police were responding to it and thought it was us, when in theory they got the wrong car/van.

So an eventful last night in Canada

Stu xx"

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