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Album Review: Chris T-T - Love Is Not Rescue

Southern folk singer Chris T-T's 7th release 'Love Is Not Rescue' proves to be a favourable, light-hearted listening experience. From the opening piano notes of 'Nintendo', you realise Chris prefers to let his personal, narrative style take center stage.

Throughout his tales are charming (see 'Elephant In The Room') and motivational and inspiring, as the sombre title track shows. Whilst tracks like 'Market Square' and 'Words Fail Me' are your standard folk numbers but thankfully he manages to show variation, especially with several tracks being piano based; 'Tall Woman' and 'Open & Shut' shows T-T as a delicate, passionate individual who draws in the listener carefully and has them hanging on for every word.

However these moments are to few and fair between, with the acoustic folk outweighing the latter. Nevertheless 'Love Is Not Rescue' is a short, pleasing record that is uplifting and showcases T-T as a skilful writer, with credible musicianship to back it up. I expect those who are fans of Frank Turner and Badly Drawn Boy, will take this in helplessly.


'Love Is Not Rescue' by Chris T-T is available now on Xtra Mile Recordings.

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Sean Reid

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