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Album Review: Fin Raziel - Fallout EP

The words ‘electro’ and ‘synth’ are ones that, more often than not, fill me with dread. Maybe it’s because I still have nightmares about listening to Brokencyde, or maybe simply because most of the bands that use it simply can’t pull it off. Enter Fin Raziel. The Surrey quartet’s synth/electro/rock sound manages to avoid the clichés and stereotypes of other bands of their ilk, allowing them a wholly original sound.

Opener ‘Human After All’ is a pacey number after a slow start, the chorus is instantly memorable and the vocals really drive the song towards a rhythmic but equally chaotic finish. Single ‘Nasty Little Secret’ shows a heavier, guitar driven side with a ferocious intro leading to a climax of epic proportions.

Skip Codes’ is impressive, driven by sharp, intelligent lyrics but overall is slightly laboured compared to the previous two offerings. Comparisons to Muse are obvious; nowhere more so than on closing track ‘Take Me Away’. A slower but still engrossing track, the breakdown towards the end creates an electro/dance vibe that gives the band a real originality and scope.

Think Muse and the voice of The Rasmus’s Lauri Ylönen (a compliment I assure you) and you get a pretty good idea of what Fin Raziel are all about. They manage to mix electro and synth with rock without making it sound like the theme tune to a terrible sci-fi movie. Fin Raziel are a refreshingly unique band and in todays market that really doesn’t happen very often.


'Fallout EP' by Fin Raziel is available now as a download from

Liam McGarry

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