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Album Review: I The Mighty – We Speak

From start to finish, what I The Mighty have done here is made a debut album that’s so accomplished and well thought out, it’s outstanding. Fans of the likes of Say Anything, listen up! You may have just found a new band to follow.

We Speak’ is brimming with really good songs. We start off with ‘Modern Medicine’ and ‘Technicolor’ and while these two songs aren’t exactly indicative of the rest of the album, they’re probably the most enjoyable, closely followed by ‘Hearts And Spades’ which starts fairly slow and builds into something somewhat brilliant.

Street Lights On’ carries on in the same format, it’s fast and it delivers with style, as mentioned the whole thing is reminiscent of a fairly poppier version of Say Anything, and that’s by no means a bad thing, it’s good, catchy and it stamps their own identity on the genre. As though they’ve suddenly realised this, next song, ‘Carousel’ is a drastic change from what was previously offered, it’s a moody sort of song that wouldn’t be out of place on a recent Brand New album.

The only song that I think isn’t really that good is ‘Comet’ it starts off well enough but it never really turns into anything decent, luckily it’s the only drawback in an otherwise good album. The acoustic ‘Ghost’ is a nice respite from the pace of the album, a pace that ‘101’ picks up straight away. Final song ‘Lorelai’ is a decent ending too; it’s a cute song with a fairly nice sentiment behind it.

All in all, for a debut full length, ‘We Speak’ is brilliant, it probably could be cut down by a couple of songs to maintain the quality, but that’s only a minor gripe. This album should give I The Mighty some well deserved recognition, and if it doesn’t, I for one will be very surprised.


'We Speak' by I The Mighty is released on March 16th on Talking House Records.

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