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Album Review: Kyte - Dead Waves

For the past year or so I've been following this Leicestershire 4-piece known as Kyte. Although the past 12 months have been pretty quiet, although they have a very good reason. That reason being 'Dead Waves', the bands first new material since the ridiculously good 'Two Stars, Two Sparks EP' and perhaps more importantly the bands first album with a proper UK release (via KIDS Records).

'Dead Waves' sees Kyte taking a more electronic-centred approach. However the bands delicate, atmospheric approach is still in tact, as seen on opening track 'The Smoke Saves Lives' with its spacey piano and droning guitars that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Whilst new single 'ihnfsa' more directly shows the bands use of electronic elements. This is complimented by 'You're Alone Tonight' and 'Designed For Damage', that are backed by echo-y beeps with the latter having a dynamic structure.

Elsewhere 'Fear From Death' sounds like a mature, 80's-influenced number but the group keep their shoe-gazing charm. On top of this tracks like 'Each Life Critical' (despite its 7 minute time length) and 'Guns And Knives' are also favourable and keeps the album flowing.

Whilst the title track ('Dark Waves') takes all what is good about Kyte and puts it into one song, as they clearly show how to build up and capture the listeners attention; dreamy lyrics, electronic beeps, atmospheric instrumentals that manage to capture the listeners attention beautifully.

It is perhaps quite inevitable I am going to be favourable of 'Dark Waves', as its consistency, flowness and craftsmanship is something to be admired. Kyte manage to create the type of music that takes you somewhere else and leaves you in awe. Their delicate approach and soft vocal delivery is charming and appreciative, although the band's tempo at times slows to a near-standstill . Overall 'Dead Waves' leaves you thinking why Kyte aren't bigger then they should be. Hopefully the band get the attention they now deserve.


'Dead Waves' by Kyte is released on April 19th on KIDS Records.

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