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Album Review: Mirrorkicks - Mirrorkicks

Mirrorkicks claim experience from previous bands but represent the eventual embracing of the reunion between childhood friends. Their self-titled debut shows the signs of musicians having tried a few things out in their past outfits.

Opening trio "On TV", "Anything" and "Podium" are good pop-rock examples of what the band can achieve. Resourceful pop anthems delivered with enthusiasm and some memorable choruses to strike them home. "Podium" especially shows a band with a good set of ideas and some interesting string arrangements to back up its emotional ambitions.

However, most of the album's midsection delves into more experimental and rock elements but fails in achieving a full sound and the attempts end up feeling misdirected. "Be Allowed" and "Where You Are" illustrate these tendencies at best where they seem to push aside their pop sensibilities which, sadly, doesn't show a greatness in versatility but essentially a loss of most of their appeal.

Closing tracks "Turning Up" and "You" work on post-hardcore lite foundations and manage to keep a rock vibe while keeping their pop-flow which results in some of the albums better offerings. The latter embracing a welcome fuzz guitar tone over a tasteful groove.

Overall, Mirrorkicks makes for a decent debut but also shows some of the the more common flaws of trying to do too much and too wide. They would've gained from looking for a tighter sound closer to their pop influences, however the album hints to some colourful future releases.


'Mirrorkicks' by Mirrorkicks is released on April 19th on Fruit Pie Music Records.

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James Berclaz-Lewis

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