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Album Review: Sleep Bellum Sono - Judge Us By How We Live Our Lives And Not By How We Made Our Living

What Sleep Bellum Sono has done here here is make an album that’s so pretentious and unlikeable that it’s almost impossible to review it seriously.

There’s hardly anything here that gets me excited at all, and soon as something does command my interest, it’s hit with an unneeded change of tone and pace i.e ‘It’s Been Years Since She’s Put On That Dress’.

Everything else sounds whiney and boring and where they’ve gone for ‘emotion’ in the likes of ‘Here Comes The Clouds’ and ‘As Long As My Voice Holds, You Can Be My Song’ it’s just come through as pretentious. The lead singers voice is irritating and the production is absolutely awful.

I do prefer to end on high note though, and credit where it’s due, when the band stop trying too hard to be different they can come out with something good. ‘Rewind, Rewind, Rewind, Tend To Our Stories’ and ‘An Anchor Is Useless Without An Ocean Floor’ are both good tracks, what’s more notable is that when this band go heavier they do harbour a good amount of potential.

I don’t tend to give negative reviews, but this record just hasn’t done anything for me at all, as mentioned, it seems as if they’re just trying too hard, they’ve got a long way to go before they can justify any hype they’ve given themselves, and based on this release, it will be a very long time indeed.


'Judge Us By How We Live Our Lives And Not By How We Made Our Living' by Sleep Bellum Sono is available now.

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Chris Marshman

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