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Album Review: The Smoking Hearts - Pride Of Nowhere

Hailing from sleepy Bedfordshire, The Smoking Hearts' debut full-length 'Pride Of Nowhere' is a short, lively and frantic release that racess through from start to finish.

'Daddy's Litle Disaster' sets the standard with its down and dirty rock 'n' roll tone, including the high-pitched guitar solo. Throughout tracks like 'Shred and Display', 'Give'em The Suit' and 'George Street Wrestling' is reminiscent of old school punk; chaotic and energetic.

Elsewhere 'Thundersludge' sounds like the ideal rock 'n' roll party song, with a slight hooky chorus line sang in unison. Despite its short length (29 minutes), you can't help but feel some ideas are recycled towards the end.

Overall 'Pride Of Nowhere' grabs you by the throat and throws you about until you're battered and bruised, as the band's raw and confident sound is rapid and frenzied in both style and sound, that continues the punk rock comeback of recent years.


'Pride of Nowhere' is released on March 8th on George Street Records.

Sean Reid

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