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Album Review: Tall Ships - Tall Ships

Tall Ships are a band from Falmouth and they toured with Tubelord last month, which is all that needs to be said for you to acknowledge the fact that this means that they're just slightly weirder than your average briton. Their Tall Ships EP kicks off with a simple synth progression and some delicate drumming before the synth goes all epic on you with the help from cymbals. The vocals only pick up halfway through the song but seem more or less present only to add an eerie and monotone feel over the instrumentation. Before you know it they've gone back to their epic section and you've experienced Exhibit A of their weirdness.

"Words Are Pegs Upon Which We Hang Ideas" hints at Tubelord influences in the guitar work but in no way is that a bad thing. And when Tall Ships have finished with a section, they're not content with giving a natural progression to the song but decide to have it their way and add trumpets which may seem awkward at first but as the song reaches its second half then it suddenly makes sense as a whole and makes for an interesting ride.

Third track "Beanieandodger" is another one of their instrumental tracks and the math rock guitar licks are back for more only this time they intertwine and linger throughout the song and are crossed over with grungy chord progressions and xylophones at different points. It firmly sets their melodic weirdness to full on.

Closing song "Vessels" brings back the mournful synth but is this time complimented by an ensemble vocal lament which give it an eerie quality. After the two-minute mark, guitar and drums collaborate on creating an emotional pulse for the song to build up on until it suddenly cuts off and ventures into fairground influenced instrumentation amidst the trio's vocal harmonizing.

Certainly Tall Ships have no problem creating a sound that is distinctly their own and the colourfulness of their offering make it one of the more interesting EPs I've heard this year. Who wants a new favourite weird-pop band? Everyone should.


'Tall Ships' by Tall Ships is available now through Big Scary Monsters.

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James Berclaz-Lewis

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