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Album Review: We The Kings - Smile Kid

After establishing themselves in the US, We The Kings' 2nd album 'Smile Kid' gets its UK release this week. Frankly its a case of 'why change it if isn't broken?', in other words its more of the same positive, upbeat guitar-based power-pop that their 2007 self-titled debut gave.

After two middle of the road numbers ('She Takes Me High' and 'Promise the Stars'), the album somewhat wakes up with lead-off single 'Heaven Can Wait', backed by keyboard and a high-pitched "Ooh-ooh-ooooh" that more or less rips off Metro Station's 'Seventeen Forever'. Nevertheless the track brings some credibility, as its very radio-friendly and with a chorus that you can't help enjoy.

Elsewhere 'Rain Falls Down' sounds a more poppy version Jimmy Eat World's "23" and is one of the stand out tracks on the album. Whilst tracks like 'Spin' and 'Summer Love' are pretty predictable; upbeat and easily accessible that aren't challenging to listen to yet favourable.

Throughout the band do not stray from what they know best, which for some may quickly become dull but for others is just accepted as you can't expect nothing more or less from a band like We The Kings. Although the sickly tasting ballad with Demi Lovato ('We'll Be A Dream') is somewhat over-bearing.

Overall We The Kings put up a good challenge for All Time Low's stake as joyful, guitar driven pop-rock but at the end of the day, the Florida four-piece fail to reach the mark, as they have found a formula that has won over their fan base (mainly teenage girls) that for the most fails to expand beyond. However if you don't like the 11 tracks here, you've always got the ridiculously good 'Check Yes Juliet' which is a bonus track.


'Smile Kid' by We The Kings is available now on Virgin Records/S-Curve Records

We The Kings on MySpace and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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