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Album Review: Bleeding Through - Bleeding Through

If you’re putting this record on expecting anything new or genre defining, then let me be the first one to say that you’re better off looking elsewhere. What Bleeding Through have put out here is a run of the mill metalcore album, full of unimaginative riffs, an occasional pinched harmonic and a distinct lack of substance.

Things don’t exactly get off to a flying start with an opening instrument of clichéd gothic strings following by the first three songs that seem to just blend into one, I’d go so far as to say that unless there was a gap between the songs then I wouldn’t have even noticed the change of song, especially in ‘Anti – Hero’ and ‘Your Abandonment.’

Things don’t really improve much from here either in terms of variety, naming songs for here on in is pointless as I’ll just end up repeating myself, this isn’t by any way an attack on the band at all, nor do I have a personal dislike for them, I just don’t feel that there is anything imaginative on offer, it’s boring, bland and sounds exactly the same throughout.

It’s hard to pick out a positive but the one shining light on this album for me is ‘Dividing The Armies.’ For all the bands awful use of strings in this album, in this song they actually get it right, an atmosphere is created and the sung vocals are really good.

I feel that fans of the band will lap this up, in fact, I’m almost positive of that. This is a classic case of a band knowing their fan base and sticking to it, and fine, fair play to them, but it’s just not for me.


'Bleeding Through' by Bleeding Through is available now on Rise Records.

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