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Album Review: Motion In Colour - When All Of You Have Gone

What Motion In Colour have here is a four track EP that, while pleasurable enough to listen to, it doesn’t really strive to excel.

Opening song, ‘Stars’ is nice enough, The vocals are somewhat emotive and the melody is cute, but all too often it ends up quite clichéd, weak and at times, childish. Next song, ‘Heart and Lungs’ doesn’t improve much either, there’s a feeling that it’s incomplete due to the bad production, the Keyboard in the chorus is unneeded and the ending falls out of time with the “whoa ohs” sounding absolutely ridiculous.

Luckily, glimpses of potential are offered when the sound is stripped down from unneeded synth and additional Keyboard. ‘Hold My Ground’ is a really good little track with a nice drum beat in the background and closer, ‘It’s Not The End Of The World’ really demonstrates what this band can offer, pointless intro effects aside, this song is lovely, lyrically good and builds up to a nice outro.

All in all, ‘When All Of You Have Gone’ demonstrates some potential, providing the band stop trying too hard to include needless sounds then I’ll be listening out for any future releases.


'When All Of You Have Gone' by Motion In Colour is available digitally now on Skullcow Records and will be physically released on May 1st.

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Chris Marshman

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