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Album Review: Nicholas Stevenson - The Aeroplane Darling

Nicholas Stevenson's limited released new EP 'The Aeroplane Darling' brings about a dark image with light at the end of tunnel, as Stevenson's deep, cold lyrical content and vocal delivery mixed with a light, acoustic-heavy sound.

'Ernest' is sombre and slow with Stevenson's voice sounding uneasy and troubled. However 'Cambridge' sounds more cheerful and youthful.

'Little Cages' keeps up the momentum and brings a sense of summery acoustic pop to the table, add to this an electric guitar solo and the track as awhole sounds refreshing.

Another attirbute of Stevenson's is his ability to tell stories, as shown on 'Salt', a short and delicate tale that leaves you grasping on to his every word. 'Simple Math' closes the EP and like 'Cambridge', its a stripped back, upbeat track that rounds off the record well and leaves you with a final positive impression of Stevenson. One that is of a young, deep songwriter with the ability to draw the listener in delicately.


'The Aeroplane Darling' Nicholas Stevenson by is available on limited release on Pandy Cane (buy here).

Nicholas Stevenson on MySpace and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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