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Album Review: We'll Die Smiling - Avant-Garde

It's unsurprising that We'll Die Smiling are signed to Holy Roar Records, previously home to Rolo Tomassi, Gallows and The Ghost Of A Thousand, as their sound is raw and energetic but with moments of composure.

'Avant-Garde' is 4 slices of ambient hardcore brilliance as the Yorkshire trio rip through 'Interdisciplinary' with its screams, thrashing drums and breakdowns that are structurally strong.

'I'm Not Causing Chaos; Chaos Caused Me' is fierce, frantic and all round brutal. Add to this calm, near heavenly guitar parts that give you a second (literally) to breath before they throw you back into chaos.

'Yeah, You Got That Manflu Down' speeds through at one minute forty-four seconds; stabbing guitars, group screams and overall uncomfortable yet strangely enjoyable.

Closing track ('Matthew Is Magnetic') shows the band indie side albeit momentarily, as their heavy side fights for attention and comes out on top. Occasional standard guitar parts battle it out with crashing cymbals and soaring screams but in the end the guitars can't help but join in the frantic, beautiful mess that We'll Die Smiling produce.

We'll Die Smiling's style is somewhat unconventional but their structural approach is brilliantly pulled off. It is straight to the point and grabs you full on and does not let go, as 'Avant-Garde' is bound to please fans of bands like Rolo Tomassi. Definitely a band will a lot of promise and potential.


'Avant-Garde' by We'll Die Smiling is released on May 17th on Holy Roar.

We'll Die Smiling on MySpace and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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