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The Dangerous Summer Explain Booking Agent Split

The Dangerous Summer's Cody Payne has posted a blog explaining the bands recent split with their booking agent.

Cody posted:

“So whats up with The Dangerous Summer?

A couple months ago I posted something on twitter saying we were “dropped”… usually this means your label lets you go from your contract and you’re a free agent, but unfortunately we didn’t have that great of news. I was referring to our booking agent (whose name will be left unknown, though I am sure you can figure it out) who had picked us up less than a year ago before dropping us. Why did he drop us? Who knows, we were bigger than ever, making more money than ever, and drawing more fans than ever, but clearly the amount of money we were bringing in wasn’t enough. One day on our way to our show in Cleveland we get a call from him and our other agent basically saying “were going to let JOHN SMITH (another name left unknown) take over from here”. Keep in mind that JOHN SMITH is a 17 year old kid from New Jersey who is still in high school. This was extremely insulting, and to us, implied that they don’t see a future for us in the music industry, nor did they ever really care about our band in the first place. Since dropping us, this agent has picked up a ton of other acts with zero tour history, most of them don’t even have legitimate releases out, some don’t have stable line ups and some aren’t even signed. It honestly felt like he went through his list of bands and thought “which of these bands isn’t a gimmick that’s gonna make me enough money to buy another airplane (hint)”.

I am posting this because I know a lot of our friends and a lot of our fans want to work in the music industry because you LOVE music. So please, do it because you LOVE music and you LOVE the bands you work with, not because you need to own multiple airplanes or because you know some girls that sound like a walmart version of Kesha.
Since all that drama happened we started working with a new manger who is seriously awesome, he has made more happen for us in 2 months than anyone has in this whole bands career. So expect big things, expect a new album and many more albums to come. We will be in the UK this spring, the US this summer and writing during any off time we can find.

Also we are coming out with a Live EP which will be 6 or 7 songs plus one NEW SONG!!! And we are also planning to release RFTS on vinyl this summer, so watch out for all these things. We are expecting a big year.
Cody Payne"

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