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Mayday Parade Comment on "Controversial" New Video

Mayday Parade's Alex Garcia has posted a blog about the band's new video for 'Kids In Love', which features nudity, drug taking and more.

Garcia said:

"The new "Kids In Love" music video is not an April Fool's prank. When we were approached with video treatments for the song we had the option of making something controversial or just making a run of the mill video. Looking at the treatments we felt that a more risque video would capture the meaning of the song, or at least give the lyrics a darker more edgier twist. I think it would have been very easy for us to make a cheesy video that had no heart in it. We decided as a band that it would be more meaningful to make a video that evokes some sort of emotion, whether it be disgust, joy or whatever. In my opinion too many videos come out that have no lasting effect on the audience. Hopefully this video will have some lasting effect. I feel that as a band this video is in no way a promotion of drug use or sex or anything like that. Instead its just an artistic statement, just an example of how some people live, and the naïvety of youth. It shows the ecstasy and pain of love, innocence, and beauty. As a band we stand behind this video as an artistic statement. I love the video because it makes me feel something, and that to me is what art is all about. I hope you'll watch the video and make your own opinion of it, but just keep in mind that it is not a promotion of vice but an exhibit on what it means to be young and in love, capable of making bad choices but having the time of your life while you live it.


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