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Of Machines Vocalist Leaves

Of Machines' vocalist Dylan Anderson has announced he is leaving the band.

A statement can be viewed by clicking read more.
"I could never know how to write this to it's full potential without sounding impersonal or in any way insincere. So I'm going to write this to my full ability to get across what is trying to be said. I (Dylan Anderson) who has always been very appreciative of what had been bestowed upon me, with a great since of humbleness and almost a amorous light feeling in my life. Everyday I was with this band I've loved what it was becoming and what spontaneous adventures was to be had.

Nothing could express how much this band meant to me and how much everyone's love from each of the places we had ventured to. Every person I met had an enormous impact on my time here on this green soil. What I wanted to be said within writing this is that I am leaving the band indefinitely. I apologize to everyone who believed in this band and to everyone who actually gave a shit about us. It meant the world to me and to everyone who made this possible. I've never met better human beings in my entire life.

Most importantly, nothing could replace all the love that I felt within this band. I felt it and acknowledged it. From all of you and the people who made this band. Mike, Austin, Jon, Mark, Bennett, Denny, Loniel, Brent, Jason. Everyone who I felt impacted me. As much as I know everyone would like an solid answer as to why I'm withdrawing my position in this band, I could only answer that simply life has taken quite a turn within being in this band, both positive and negative...though negative being more of a occurrence. I believe I have to do what I feel would be best for me at this time.

Again, I hope that as impersonal as I feel a blog, bulletin, or any message I could write: Thank you to EVERYONE who even gave two shits about this band with all my love. - D"

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