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Album Review: Giants - Giants EP

In an age where hardcore bands seem to be littering the UK's musical landscape, Essex mob Giants' self=titled EP is a refreshing take on a much practice formula. Eelicately delivered clean vocals fused with ear splitting growls to a backdrop of crashing, intelligent riffs, the quintet really hit the mark.

After a relatively serene intro, opener 'Highlife' explodes into life, taking said serenity with it. Short and sharp, the band incorporate well judged changes of pace, and with a note perfect chorus and customary snarls, it kick starts the EP in dynamic fashion. 'Home to Home' may be a notch down on the Richter scale, but melodic vocals and hurtling guitars fire the song through to an epic close.

'Your True Colours' provides barely a minute of pure hardcore angst, leading to 'Excelsior', a well crafted number, meshing gang vocals with chaotic yet immensely powerful guitars which drive us through to it's climax. Closer 'Some People Never Learn' has the most accomplished feel of all the tracks on the record. Probably the darkest song on offer, front man Edward Parker's barks are prominent throughout, but room is made for a full throttle ending, throwing all three of the bands vocal styles together, bringing the curtain down on the album in style.

Giants have produced a debut with a sound way beyond their years. If these are their baby steps, then expect them to leave their footprints all over the UK scene in years to come.


'Giants' EP by Giants is available now through the band's BigCartel store.

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