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Album Review: Rolo Tomassi - Cosmology

Rolo Tomassi's second full-length pretty much picks up where 2008's 'Hysterics' left off. However this time, their sound is better crafted and as a whole 'Cosmology is tighter and flows more, despite the bands spazzy, loose experimental sound.

As usual the band's nintendo-esque electronics are dominated by Eve and James Spence's screams and growls, as well hard-hitting guitar and drums stabs that pound their way through.

Tracks like 'House House Casanova' and 'Agamemnon' race through and sound chaotic, whilst 'Party Wounds' could easily be mistaken for a Blood Brothers track; though this isn't a bad thing. If anything it is Tomassi at their best, as they go back and forth between full-on mathcore to calm, atmospheric experimentalists.

'Unromance' follows a similar path with Eve's sweet yet eerie vocals standing out. Elsewhere the spacey, synth-led 'Kasia' sees the Spence's alternating styles complement each other well; James with the frantic growls and Eve with melody's.

For the most part, Rolo Tomassi's style isn't conventional and does not stretch to far out of it's boundaries. However musically they show variation, which is a key factor to the album's all-round sound and consistency. Just listen to the band's laid-back approach during 'Tongue-In-Chic'; the tempo sways whilst the band refrain from breaking out into possibly predictable heaviness.

The title track equally shows their acceptable experimental direction brilliantly; a slow build up, with a sound that is Tomassi stripped down and perhaps at their most lightest.

Overall 'Cosmology' shows a band that has grown but for some not enough. However with Rolo Tomassi you know what you're expecting; heavy, in your face screams, growls and stabs with the occasional keyboard-led breakdown. With 'Cosmology' they pull off it brilliantly, as they've cut off the fat and made a record that grows with every listen and despite their uncomfortable style, flows remarkably well.


'Cosmology' by Rolo Tomassi is released on May 24th through Hassle Records.

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