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Album Review: Trash Talk - Eyes & Nines

For some Trash Talk is the ideal hardcore band; loud, energetic and aggressive. Straight from the start, 'Eyes & Nines' is fast, fierce and showcase a frenzied style without little to no rest. Crashing cymbals, distorted guitars and in-your-face vocals is the formula used here repeatedly. 'Explode' sees the band just passing the two minute mark, unlike a majority of the album.

Although 'Hash Wednesday' momentarily sees the band taking a laid back rest, with brooding guitars and overall dark tone. At the other end of the scale tracks like 'Envy', 'Rabbit Holes' and 'I Do' explode at a furious pace that makes stories of the band being banned from venues somewhat acceptable, as this band are very much made for a live environment.

Despite little variation and some tracks just thrown in for good measure, their is a sense of consistency in the bands style, one that is a big fuck you to the mainstream and all those who aren't willing to accept it. Overall for old-school hardcore fans, Trash Talk is the ideal band and 'Eyes and Nines' is the ideal album.


'Eyes & Nines' by Trash Talk is released on May 17th on Hassle Records (Online Store).

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