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DissolvedIN Split Up

DissolvedIN have announced they are splitting up.

A statement from the band can be seen by clicking read more.
"Hey everyone...
We are sorry to announce that DissolvedIN will be coming to an end.

We will be playing 1 more show on July 18th at the Facebar in Reading. We hope you can all make it as we really want to give DissolvedIN a great send off as it has played such a big part in our lives over the last few years and hopefully you feel the same way.

DissolvedIN has been an absolutely life changing experience for us and its been so much fun being on the road meeting so many great people, going to amazing places we would never normally go and playing so many fantastic shows.
We are so grateful for all the amazing times we had and we are very sad that DissolvedIN has come to an end but never the less we have decided that its time for us to branch out into better things and close the book on the chapter of DissolvedIN.

Thank you to everyone who has ever come to see us live!
Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported us so strongly over the past few years.
Thank you to all the great bands we have played with.

We could not have done this without you guys and for this we are truely grateful.

This really has been amazing....

Thank you so much,

The Boys @ DissolvedIN"

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