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MexicoFALLZ Announce Split

MexicoFALLZ have announced they are splitting up.

A statement from the band can be viewed by clicking read more

"As we all know, we are the worst at writing blogs... but I am very sad to say that MexicoFALLZ has come to an end.

This has been a very long decision over the last couple of months. To cut the story short, due to other commitments, MexicoFALLZ has fizzled to its end. Not only this, but got majorly screwed over by 'Tap N Tin Records'. It has been a very hard decision, but we are all still on good terms, and are the best of friends.

Over the last 4 years we've had the privalige to play with some amazing bands, play some awesome venues, and made the best friends anyone could ever ask for. These have been the best times.

Firstly, we'd like to thank all our family and friends for all their support.. and putting up with all our shit. All the promoters that have helped us out.. and everyone that came to a show, sang along, and bought a CD or tee shirt.
We've uploaded a few demos that we have recently recorded, to just give away which were for the next album. --

Our last 3 Farewell shows will be announced somtime over the next week.. so please try and come down.

From all us here in MexicoFALLZ, thank you for making this band what it was, and giving us the best 4 years.

The debut album WASTED got released on the 3rd May 2010, so please go and purchase this at or iTunes .

We wanna big up all our friends (and in some cases, feel like family) in : Lights Go Blue, One Two Three and In, This Sudden Injury, Me Vs Hero, and Lost In Colour

Please check out Bird's other band Great Ancestors..
and watch out for our other projects in the near future... and there most definatly will be.

But, im sure we'll see you all at a punk rock show soon!

Rich, Lewis, Bird, Marcus, Alex.

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