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Moving Mountains Set For "Heavier" Sound with Future Releases

In a new interview, Moving Mountains have stated their next album will be heavier than their previous work and plan on moving away from their post-rock style.

The band said:

"We sort of built a fan base primarily around a lot of people who are into post-rock bands in bands sort of in that scene. And this record is really not like that. It's sort of more in the post-hardcore scene that we're also sort of a part of that we grew up listening to. It's far more like heavier and more aggressive and more to the point. There's less like 40-minute ambient reverb delay interludes. It still sounds like us, there are still parts that sound like epic or whatever you want to say, but its definitely like way shorter, way more to the point, and heavier. So far it's been heavier."

Read the full interview here.

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