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Album Review: Automatic Loveletter - Truth or Dare

After a few well received EP releases, Automatic Loveletter's debut full-length 'Truth or Dare' concludes being a mixture of strong songs mixed with a sensible pop-rock sound. Although I'll have to admit I'm unsure weather Automatic Loveletter is a band or just frontwoman Juliet Simms, as she dominates the bands press releases etc. Nevertheless it can easily be seen why this is apparently so, as throughout Simms words and strong vocals take centre stage; from the warbling of 'Heart Song', the husky 'Don't Let Me Down', which sounds like a creditable Pink! song and the passionate 'Fade Away'.

It could be considered the band from start to finish play it rather safe; 'Story Of My Life' is the standard uplifting, upbeat power ballad and the lyrical themes of love and heartbreak quickly become repetitive and predictable (see 'To Die For' and 'Eyes On You'). Nonetheless Simms' vocals soar and in some cases save you from hitting the skip button.

However for the most part 'Truth or Dare' fails to keep you interested a lot of the time and lacks highlights with the exception being the bands previous "hit" 'Hush', which is here in its 3rd(?) incarnation and sees the bands taking a more laid back, acoustic approach and allows Simms' words to take charge. 'My Goodbye' being the other possible highlight with its fast tempo and all round positive vibe.

Automatic Loveletter have the ingredients to become a successful female fronted pop-rock band. However the bands sweet lyrics are at times a bit too over done and as said already, their musical approach dosn't stray from its safety area. It's a promising debut and may please those who liked their previous material but it may turn out to be a record with too much filler.


'Truth or Dare' by Automatic Loveletter is available now via Sony Independent.

Automatic Loveletter on MySpace and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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