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Album Review: Francesqa - We Lived EP

After first coming across Francesqa last summer, I was instantly drawn in the bands brand of well-toned rock as 'A Little Closer' first showed but is missing on this, the band's debut EP. Nevertheless the band's momentum and overall progression continues on 'We Lived' and the opening track (and new single) 'Ghosts' quickly settles us into the band's feel good sound, with a sensible and favourable structure mixed with a catchy chorus.

'Hopefull' sees Ashley Wilkie’s vocals nicely take lead over the bands light guitar work, before sliding into a chrous that glows with positiveness. Whilst 'Please' goes along in a simialr, plesant fashion, as the bands light guitars blend well with Wilkie's passionate delivery.

'Crooked' sees the band heading into a more rockier path, with deep, fierce guitars being favoured and the band overall have more bite to them. Although the soaring sing-a-long choruses remain in tact.

The closing title track gives a moment of solidatory and time to realise how good Francesqa already are, as their all-round package is nearly instantly favourable. Wilkie's intimate delivery draws you in before building up to the moment of release, where the band as a whole sound glorious and round off the EP in a superb way.

With 'We Lived', Francesqa have made their mark on the British scene and gives the potential for the band to go further afield. Admittedly their sound isn't anything new but it's certainly one that is admirable. From start to finish you are left with a feeling of content and excitement for the band. Whilst it annoys me to group them with others, but with the likes of Tiger Please, Futures and Canterbury, Francesqa continues to prove that independent British rock is strong and like those has the potential to get bigger.


'We Lived; by Francesqa is released on July 19th.

Pre-Order through the bands Online Store.

Francesqa on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Sean Reid

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