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Album Review: The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang

The Gaslight Anthem return with their third album, 'American Slang' and to an extent picks up where 'The '59 Sound' left off, as the bands working class punk rock continues to be blended with an old-school rock 'n' roll lyricism.

Throughout frontman Brian Fallon is honest and open as always; "I got your name tattooed inside of my arm" (from 'American Slang') and his words add a sense of realism, however this takes a few listens to understand and discover.

'Stay Lucky' wakes the album up with the bands thriving energy shining through with its upbeat tempo and light, frenzied guitar notes dominating over Fallon's rugged voice.

'Bring It On' again sees the band's honest lyrics come through again; "So give me the fevers that just won't break, And give me the children you don't want to raise". Whilst 'The Queen of Lower Chelsea' sounds spacious with its plucky guitars and makes Fallon's words take center stage.

'Orphans' sees the band back in their old punk skin, whilst 'Boxer' is led by a domineering guitar solo and after a few more forgettable songs, 'We Did It When We Were Young' closes the album with a haunting tone that slowly brews but never quite erupts.

'American Slang' as a whole is ok but takes a few listens to understand the bands musical direction, one which sees them searching for the middle ground between being a blues-y punk band and a (slightly) mainstream rock band. Although this is somewhat pulled off, it does not create hardly any stand out moments and the moments that eventually do stand out arn't quite as instant nor favourable as you might like them to be. Overall 'American Slang' lacks impact compared to its predecessor and leaves you with a feeling that something is missing.


'American Slang' by The Gaslight Anthem is released on Monday June 14th on Side One Dummy Records.

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Sean Reid

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