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Album Review: It’s Just Vanity - Here’s What You Remember From A Coma

Math-Indie-Rock or whatever you want to call it has shot up in popularity in the last couple of years. There are so many new bands popping up all over the place, often taking their own spin on things. Formed just over a year ago, It’s Just Vanity have put out a free EP and are on the cusp of releasing their first LP, Here’s What You Remember From A Coma'.

Combining elements from Instrumental Post-Rock, Emo and Math Rock, this album swings between huge epic choruses, to slowed down grooves that fade out slowly. Each section rolls right down to the bare bones of drums and guitar, before it all comes crashing back in moments later.

Tracks like ‘When I Was Fancy Too’ sound like they’d happily just roll on as instrumental numbers, and although some might like it too, the vocals sit quite far back in the mix, so you don’t feel like it’s stealing the limelight from the intricate parts the guitar is playing. The only problem I have is the vocals feel like they should be a bit tighter at times, to keep up. However, the real star of the show on this album is the two guitars working with the drums to create some real head-bobbing grooves. This album also has some great track titles, such as ‘Your Death Is No Longer Necessary’ and ‘I’m Frozen, You’re Dead. And I Love You’. I have no idea what they mean, and it’s akin to bands like Brand New whose titles were more clever puns or statements than describing the song.

Overall, this is a pretty good album, and I like the mix of Post-Rock with more intricate details on the guitar. It ranges from mellow verses to massive choruses that will have fans singing along. They get some great grooves going, which I could listen to for a long time, but personally the vocals let a few of the tracks down at times.


<a href="">I Good You Bid Evening by It's Just Vanity</a>

'Here’s What You Remember From A Coma' by It's Just Vanity is available now through the band's online store or on Bandcamp.

It's Just Vanity on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

Mark Allen

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