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Album Review: Just Watch The Fireworks - Just Watch The Fireworks

Leeds based Just Watch The Fireworks amble down a well-worn path with their poppy alt-rock and while it’s not short on enthusiasm it falls far short in hooks and genuine song-writing class.

Opener ‘Second Star on the Right’ is a plodding number, memorable only for the odd cringe-worthy lyrics that litter an otherwise lifeless song, a sentiment that rings true throughout most of this self-titled E.P. Things fare slightly better on ‘Don’t Tell Titus’ but the bands one attempt at a memorable hook is squandered by its utterly dreary delivery.

I think JWTF’s ultimate undoing is that they seem to be playing it so safe that their music is devoid of any ounce of fun or humanity. It’s a shame that so much enthusiasm is channelled into such dull songs. Just Watch The Fireworks need to loosen up and have fun with their music instead of being so focussed on being the finished package.


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Barney Dufton

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