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Album Review: Maker - I-91

Springfield, MA's Maker's new EP/7", 'I-91' is instantly brilliant and races through just past the 10 minute mark and make the type of pop-punk that is basic but at the same times carries weight. 'Anything' kicks off with its Movielife-esque sound; structured guitars and the occasionally gang vocals.

In a similar fashion, 'Calendars' is slightly more fierce with a moderate break in the middle but at one minute 30 seconds, its somewhat difficult to label it that.

The title track 'I-91' is near-perfect pop-punk; think a fast paced Wonder Years with a very early Brand New vocal delivery as harmonies shine through a barrage of distorted guitars and crashing drums.

Closing track 'Stand By Me' carries on the momentum with its upbeat tone and its hooky chorus brings about a conclusion that is impressive and leaves you wanting more.

Admittedly the bands ideas arn't anything new but their understanding of the pop-punk formula is well-rounded and down to a tee. Definitely one band to keep an eye out for as the genre makes a somewhat resurgence.


'I-91' by Maker is available now on Either/Or Records (CD) and Animal Style (7").

Maker on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Purevolume, Bandcamp and Big Cartel

Sean Reid

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