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Album Review: Raining and OK - Live Like a Ghost

Arriving just in time to take advantage of the summer heat, ‘Live Like a Ghost’ delivers the feel-good lift which we’ve come to expect from Raining and OK. Whilst there may not be anything here which matches the simple beauty of their previous offering, Empty-Handed, 'Live Like a Ghost’ is a respectable third effort from the Phoneix four-piece.

For those unfamiliar with the band, the most notable aspect of Raining and OK is the angelic quality to Trevor Tillery’s vocals. Tillery’s voice is so pure it’s almost Disney: it perfectly compliments the ethereal feel of the title track, which is a soaring epic of an opening to the EP. Yes, it’s a little cheesy in parts, and The Fray-esque piano-pop takes the EP down a well-trodden road, but Raining and OK have captured a fantastically joyful and uplifting feel on this record. Whilst the production lacks the necessary bite to prevent their pop sound from becoming rather limp on record, particularly in 'Anchor', the songs and their passion are solid enough to carry themselves through this malady.

Overall, ‘Live Like a Ghost’ is made up of huge yet harmless pop songs which probably won’t make your “Albums of 2010” shortlist, but will move you enough to warrant them a second listen. It almost makes up for the God-awful band name.


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Alex Howick

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