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Album Review: Take The Lead - History EP

North Eastern pop-punkers Take The Lead play in the energetic up-beat variety of the genre, and release their 'History EP'. And as far as the low-cost production goes, they sound like one of those bands to look out for in the future.

With a sound not dissimilar to Four Year Strong's 'It's Our Time'-era with a welcome british tinge. 'High Flyer' kicks off with panache and shows enough spirit to overcome the limits of the production values. Poppy harmonies sprinkled over standard pop-punk guitars will satisfy any true fan of the genre.

'Breaking The Chain' certainly feels like the lesser song of the two, but packs more punch, which will arguably keep the moshpit alive and the interest high alive. The chorus isn't half-bad either and will hopefully soon be chanted by more and more people as the band venture out of the North-East.

There's not much you can say with so little, but when little is enough to spark up interest then it has no reason to be overlooked. They may be young, they may be inexperienced, but they have an edge, and with time and some luck, they have potential to become a British alternative to Four Year Strong.


'History EP' by Take The Lead is available now.

Take The Lead on MySpace and Twitter.

James Berclaz-Lewis

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