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Brokencyde Respond to Bus Crash Death Rumours

Brokencyde have responded to rumours that the band recently died in a bus crash.

The band said:

"I heard we had died in a bus crash when we were in Denver, and when we heard the news, I just laughed about it and tweeted that we were smoking weed with 2Pac," chuckles Brokencyde's Phat J from a tour stop in Seattle, WA. "This tour has been amazing so far and every night the venues are packed. After this tour we are heading into the studio to record our new album. The new material sounds amazing so far, as we're writing our best stuff ever. It's the usual BrokeNCYDE, but we’re growing up a little bit. We're going for the ‘good song’ approach," he laughs. "Our true fans will definitely be satisfied, I promise."

Brokencyde will be entering the studio next month to record a new album, which will be released in late 2010 on BreakSilence Records.

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